5 Terrible Things About Asia

1. Food

Asia is a good place to find food like rice and noodles. The best rice quality can be found anywhere in Asia. But we are not going to comment on rice and noodles even though not everyone likes them. What we want to talk here is the exotic food served in Asia.

The exotic food served in Asia is one of a kind and sometimes it’s too ridiculous to think about. It makes you think, who would eat something like that. Some people who never saw this so-called food could even puke.

Anyone wants a scorpion noodle?

Anyone hungry? It’s on me


2. Weather

The weather in Asia is boring. For those who don’t know about Asian climate, there are only two seasons in Asia (Except for countries like Japan and Korea). There is only dry and wet season. You don’t see autumn, winter, spring and summer. All you see is rain and sunny days.

3. Culture

There are tremendous amount of ethnic group in Asia besides the popular Chinese people. Most westerners used to know about the Chinese because they are the largest community in the world. You can find Chinese people in every corner of the world.

What you don’t know about is the small ethnic group and some of them are already extinct. Different ethnic group have different culture. Some of them have ridiculous beliefs and cultures.

The worst thing is the culture of the urban people. These people should be civilized because they live in the city but what they did was unbelievable. A few absurd cultures is sharing food, spitting anywhere and growing one fingernail.

No Spitting sign boards can be seen almost everywhere

What’s the use of that?

4. Hygiene

We have this problem anywhere in the world including Asia but it’s still worth mentioning. It is a common thing that communities living afar from the city are not hygienic but we are talking about urban people here.

You can see flies at the restaurant table, people spitting everywhere, dirty public toilet and rubbish throwing everywhere. Hygiene can be the worst thing in Asia if you ended at the wrong place.

Cockroach? No, that’s our pets. The big one is Sally and the small one is called Linda

Have a sit, sir


5. Terrible politics

Politics can be seen through the news. This is not something new that has been happening across Asia. From the Middle East to Japan, there are lots of weird and sometimes funny politics that the governments do to their people. And the people also do the same thing sigh..

There is not much here to say because you can check it out at any news portal. If you are lucky, there will be some funny news about Asian politics.

The Arab Spring

Thailand anti-government protest. They do this when they want to change the government. The last one works





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